Jason Lopez

Jason’s career started in the Philippines. He moved to Singapore in 2007, where he had the opportunity to connect with C-level executives from global IT services and software blue chip companies. He went on to be a recruiter for the IT banking, and Life Sciences & Healthcare industries. Jason is a highly driven and self-motivated individual who meets what he sets out to achieve every day. He finds joy in focus group collaborations to brainstorm new ideas. He can be found regularly playing frisbee on the beach and has a predilection for all things sweet.


Karthik Sundarajoo

Karthik is an entrepreneur who has over 15 years of experience in the IT, digital media and the cybersecurity domain. Aside from managing global teams of software developer and innovators, his responsibilities include the monitoring of new technologies and assessing their potential to add value to the business. His capabilities allows him to provide innovative and creative digital solutions appropriate to emerging markets. Karthik is continually fascinated with emerging technology trends. 


Ranil Sandhu

Ranil brings along sharp interpersonal and leadership skills, honed from his experience in working with one of the world’s leading airlines -  Singapore Airlines. Ranil fills a pivotal role in the company. He is responsible for managing and increasing both effectiveness and efficiency of various business functions. He is fond of nature and loves dogs.


Tan Yan Ling

A graduate from Singapore Management University, Yanling has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. A self-motivated individual, Yanling is always excited by new possibilites. Bringing over experience in working as an Account Executive at Young & Rubicam Singapore, she is tasked to deliver concepts that people can view from an enlightening angle. She loves being outdoors and is constantly looking for new books to read.


Hae Kyong Victoria

A Creative Designer, Victoria holds a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Design and Multimedia Design. She also has come from a background in Operations, Sales, Business Development, Project Management and has experience working in a marketing agency. At Cognifyx, She is not only accountable for making visual communication design also direct and develops games in-house for everyone's brain health.


Chad Yip

Chad is a registered clinical psychologist who provides psychological assessment and treatment for children, adolescence and adults. He is also trained to provide psychoeducational and neuropsychological assessments. Drawing on his expertise in the different modalities of psychotherapy, Chad is responsible for assessing our users’ needs through various psychological methods and implementing appropriate treatment programmes. He firmly believes that a strong therapeutic relationship begins with empathy and sensitivity towards an individual.


Effie Wang

Effie received her Master of Arts degree in Cognitive Studies from the University of Sheffield, where she also worked with individuals with mental disabilities. Prior to joining Cognifyx Singapore, she assisted patients diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities under the supervision of B.C.B.A. in Singapore. Effie specialises in understanding human thought processes through administering psychological assessments, data collection and research.


Joshua Michael

With a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and a Masters in Sports and Exercise Science, Joshua is well equipped to curate scientifically-backed fitness regimes to enhance the overall fitness of Cognifyx’s users. As a sport physiologist in the Rangers Football Club in Glasgow and National Youth Sports Institute, Joshua is apt in applying physiological theories and methods to prepare elite athletes for competition. Joshua is also an ACE certified personal trainer who enjoys the occasional pint.