Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay is a Filipino-British actor, sportsman, and entrepreneur. Derek completed his tertiary education in electrical engineering and marketing in New Hampshire and Boston. In the early 2000s, he found a career in showbiz and has won multiple awards in recognition of his success as an actor. Ramsay has always been a passionate sportsman, competing in multiple sports at an elite level, including rugby, cricket, water polo, basketball and football. He is the head ambassador of the Philippine National Beach Football Team and most recently, an ultimate Frisbee sensation for Team Philippines.

Derek believes in a holistic approach to health. His advocacy and involvement in elite sports personifies his dogma of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle being paramount for overall brain health. His deep interest in technology driven platforms promoting positivity, wellness and holistic brain health brought him to Cognifyx, where his passion and altruism are aligned with our mission to provide a healthy brain for a healthier life to people all over the world.